19 May 2017

the world at your fingertips.

15 May 2017

when you combine the power and passion within, with strength and positive actions, there is nothing that cannot be created, and there are entire worlds waiting to be created at the very end of your fingertips. every “unimaginable” has the potential within to become the imaginable and is simply a date from the Universe to see if you will follow that “unimaginable” to prove what is possible and what the human spirit and human will, matched with The Divine Spirit & Will are capable of.✨You are a catalyst for divine creation. ✨
Do what you can where you are with what you have and The Universe will take care of the rest.
May your day be filled with purpose & divinely inspired creation. 🙌🏻

If you …

6 May 2017

… you’ve got this & the Universe has you. Never give up on your dreams and never let go of what you believe in because neither will ever let go of you. 💙

surrender, embrace.

3 May 2017


🌙 SURRENDER. EMBRACE. 🌙 first quarter moon phase is upon us once again and this waxing/growing phase represents NEW beginnings, NEW growth, planting NEW ideas to come into fruition and is also a great time to learn, read and gain NEW knowledge and wisdom. Stay open to new ideas, thoughts, visions and dreams that you have and if you feel drawn to something that you may have otherwise not been drawn to in the past, then this is your time to FOLLOW IT! The seeds that are planted now have the exciting potential to blossom into something NEW and amazing so don’t be shy, follow your insight and as the moon grows, so too shall your dream. SURRENDER the old to make way for the new and EMBRACE all that is flowing to you, in you and through you so that your positive intentions create and manifest positive results. The Universe will always give you It’s best if you allow it … As above, so too below. Namaste. ✨🌙

be you.

1 May 2017

… you are a beautiful mosaic that is filled with infinite designs and you are the co-Creator of your patterns with The Divine, with each new pattern more beautiful than the last. in all of the many states and forms you will be moulded into, the most beautiful thread holding all the mess and awe together is your soul, your spirit, your essence … you. you are still magnificent even as you change, grow and evolve and you are never as beautiful as you are when you are being authentic, visible, vulnerable, raw and real. you can still feel like an absolute mess as if you have no clue what you are doing and how you are changing whilst still be grounded in the knowing that there is order in chaos and you are being birthed into a new form and way of expressing your divineness. be proud of who you are in all your many states and warmly embrace and appreciate all those who have the courage to meet you in that space – arriving openly and freely. daring to be yourself and doing so unapologetically is the bravest thing any of us can ever do. 💕

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